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A few words about Hippodrome Concierge

A few words about Hippodrome Concierge

Our front desk.

Hippodrome Concierge has been around since 2011.
We specialize in dry cleaning, laundry, house cleaning as well as commercial cleaning services.
We do clothes alteration and repair as well as shoe repair.
We stem out of Hippodrome Services Corporation in the Bronx.

Hippodrome Services Corporation factory in the Bronx.

Our headquarters/main office is located in Forest Hills, Queens.

Parker Towers, our home in Queens.

In the following posts, we’ll tell you in much detail about what we do and how we do it.

Inside of our main office.


Outside the office.
This is our tailor’s realm who does his own magic alterating and repairing all kinds of clothes including wedding dresses.